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Clear & Regular Braces

Clear braces, more commonly referred to as Invisalign clear aligners or Clear Correct aligners, are a set of clear, removable trays that are custom fitted to your teeth. You wear each set of them for 20-22 hours a day and change your set as your teeth shift approximately every two weeks. Orthodontist will evaluate your specific case to see if Invisalign or Clear Correct is right for you. Some, but not all, bite discrepancies and crowding types can be treated with Invisalign or Clear Correct aligners. Those cases require the use of regular braces.

Braces can correct misaligned bite, crowded teeth, straighten crooked teeth and fix jaw problems. Braces can also eliminate problems you may have with eating, speaking properly, or with keeping your teeth clean. With advancements in dental technology, traditional braces are now smaller, and more comfortable.  Traditional braces consist of standard metal brackets that are placed on your teeth with an adhesive and connected by wire. They require periodic tightening of wires so steady pressure can gradually straighten and align your teeth. While metal braces brackets are still the most common method in Orthodontic treatment there are other options available as well.

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