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Dental Sedation

Reality is that a great number of patients still have some level of anxiety and fear when visiting the dentist, which makes them put off important dental visits. It has been estimated that about 30%  of the adults avoid visiting the dentist because of dental phobias or fear. There are several types of sedation. Depending on the kind of treatment patients are going to be receiving and their level of nervousness, dentists can select from a number of options, which include: Oral sedation (typically in pill form), IV sedation, Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), General anesthesia. Patient’s medical history is extremely important factor in selecting the type of sedation, as safety and the patient’s overall health are always the most important considerations. 

In South Gate Dentistry & Orthodontics we offer Oral Sedation to all our fearful and anxious patients. In case of sedation, it is necessary to have someone else drive you to your dental appointment and to take you home after completion of your treatment. Oral sedation is relatively simple and involves taking a prescribed medication about an hour prior to your procedure. You’ll feel more relaxed, while completely aware of your surroundings during treatment.

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