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Veneer & Lumineer

Veneer and Lumineer – also known as laminates – are a thin layer of custom-made porcelain that is placed on the visible fron surface of the tooth, either to improve the aesthetic of a tooth or to protect the damaged tooth surface. Veneer and lumineer are important tools to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth that may have been fractured or discolored or in some instances aligning the teeth that may be crooked. With proper care and good oral hygiene Veneer and Lumineer have a great life span. Veneer and Lumineer transforms your smile’s shape, color, alignment, and gaps. New advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible for patients to have a nearly perfect teeth with cosmetic restorations.

Your smile is the first impression that others have of you, so it makes sense to have a bright, white and healthy smile. You may be a candidate for Veneer and/or Lumineer if your healthy teeth have imperfections that you would prefer to be changed to enhance the appearance of your smile. They are bonded to the surface of the teeth to reshape broken, misshapen or irregular teeth, as well as provide a solution for discolored teeth that do not respond to traditional whitening treatments.

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